November wrap-up

On December 1, we present a wrap-up of all the great stuff we did last month.

We gathered on November 10 for a special service meeting.  Kim Wilson, founder of Footprints Ministry in Montgomery, spoke to our group about the mission of Footprints.  Started in 2007, Footprints is a non-profit organization that provides gift bags to families whose children are in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Footprints has grown to have chapters in Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville, as well as the local chapter here in Montgomery.  Our group of mamas got to not only hear about Footprints Ministry, how we can support and pray for the ministry and for the families in the NICU, but also helped fill gift bags. Footprints will give out over 3,000 gift bags to families in the NICU.  What a blessing to be a tiny part of such a great ministry. For more on this ministry, click here: Footprints Ministry Montgomery

We also took the opportunity on our service day to fill 6 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Shoe boxes donated through Operation Christmas Child contain small personal hygiene items, socks, shirts, toys, colored pencils, etc. and are distributed by Samaritan’s Purse each year to children in developing countries.  Operation Christmas Child is a chance for local churches to bless children with gifts and treasures they have never been given before, and also share the Gospel.  We gathered items for three girls and three boys, ages 2-4 and then packed the boxes.  Thanks for serving, ladies! For more on where the shoe boxes go and the children who receive them, click here: Samaritans Purse: Operation Christmas Child

On November 17, we had our first ever Happy Homemakers meeting. A brainchild of our fearless leader Erin, at this meeting we wanted to help our members learn skills that could help them make their homes neater, more efficient, more creative, and more relaxing. We know that not everyone had a mom that taught them the things that our grandmothers all seemed to inherently know. So we thought we could help. Our leadership team and mentor moms jumped in to teach moms to sew on a button, make an apron using a sewing machine, make weekly meal plans, and fold a fitted sheet. Erin even made homemade sensitive skin laundry detergent and gave each member a sample and the recipe! Our moms really got into the fun of it and came in their aprons, dresses, even some in their pumps and pearls! It was a fun meeting, and we learned lots from each other.


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